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Amy Ragsdale

Amy Ragsdale



I am Amy Ragsdale, Owner/Administrator at Fire Safety Schools. ​

I have served several Florida fire organizations since 1999. I specialize in digital technologies like MOODLE, Wix, Google, Zoho, WordPress, among others. I own and operate Webmark Studios, a web & digital services provider and the developer of Fire Safety Schools. I have devoted my career to serving businesses, professionals and organizations with digital technology services. I'm bilingual (Eng./Spa.).  I have developed several CE online delivery systems for the Florida fire industries. I understand the requirements of the Florida Fire Equipment and Fire protection license & permit renewal rules. 

My goal is to provide you with quality online continuing education and personal customer service. ​I invite you to look at our offerings and join our mailing list so we can keep you informed.

​I'm looking forward to serving you!

Meet Our Team


Alex Michelle

Managing Director


James Ragsdale


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